Sunday, July 17, 2005

Big Country Foundation

During the past couple of years Stephen Davis has continued to utilize the services of Imagine That, Inc. to document his charitable events. Stephen Davis, a Spartanburg native and a USA Today High School Player of the Year, went on to Auburn University and then to a career playing in the NFL. Full circle, Stephen Davis found himself traded by Steve Spurier and the Redskins to the Carolina Panthers. He immediately led the Panthers to the Super Bowl - finding a home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nicknamed "Big Country," Davis started a foundation dedicated to the fight against Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. It is appropriately called the Big Country Foundation and the primary mission is to dedicate the proper resources to research centers along with getting necessary prevention information and treatments to those in need. Stephen's mother was unfortunately stricken with Breast Cancer but is now a survivor. Therefore, Big Country Foundation is something that Stephen holds close to his heart. Please assist him and all those he is able to help by going to Posted is a photo of my 11 year old son, Jonah, when he met up with Rod Smart aka "He Hate Me" at a Bowling Charity Event and the other shot is of Stephen Davis with his High School Coach during one of his fund raising banquets.

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