Sunday, December 10, 2006


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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Xtreme was such fun, and I was able to meet my favorite photographer Jessica Claire. She is such a neat person, and I am so inspired by her work. To learn photography from her and to look at my financials with Liana really equated a great time in New York. Not only did I get to learn from them, but 40 other photographers from around the globe as well. Anyway to make a great tie and long story short. Know that I had such a wonderful time meeting EVERYONE, and the dining was incredible. Mesa Grill is definetely a wonderful place to eat, and is owned by Bobby Flay. Followed by a little Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity and your taste buds will be dancing all the way home. Here are a few pics!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Catching Tears

Crystal and Jimmy are both from Louisiana, but met each other here in Greenville. A perfect start to this love story. During the ceremony Crystal and Jimmy read each other vows. After Jimmy expressed his love through his own words, Crystal began to read her commitment. Crystal cried as she read. Unexpectedly Jimmy raised his hands and began to catch the tears as they rolled down from Crystal’s face. Candid moments like this are so unique and magical. Even though this angle is concentrated on the bride you can still see that Jimmy is smiling with happiness as he wipes the tears. There are many powerful images in this slideshow. I love the shot of Jimmy's dad crying. I had a long lens on the camera and I could tell he was really trying to hide from being captured, but a father crying is sometimes unexpected and momentus. Click Here to view the slideshow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alison & Roger

Alison and Roger had a gorgeous wedding located in Easley, SC. There were many magical moments throughout the event. I particularly enjoyed the one of the ring bearers yawning during the ceremony. Definitely a CANDID moment. The evening was filled with candid moments. After the ceremony I had a blast with Alison and Roger as we cleared the church and quickly had a Bride and Groom Session. Click Here to view the slideshow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love in the Mountains

Conoly and Matt were married in the beautiful landscape of the Cliffs at Glassy. If you have never visited, there it is a stone chapel located at the peak of the mountain overlooking a gorgeous view. The photographs were absolutely amazing and I want to share them with everyone. Conoly is a student at the University of Texas and married Captain Matt Sullivan a graduate of West Point. This wedding was the perfect getaway! Driving up the mountain is so peaceful and even though you're only 20 minutes from Greenville you forget about the Big City. Click Here to view the slideshow.

Bridal Session with Forest

Forest is such an elegant bride and we shot her Bridal Portrait at the Kilgore-Lewis House, which is the wedding location. I was so pleased to have met her cool friends Max and Chrissy and to get reaquainted with the staff at the Kilgore-Lewis home. Some venues have the friendliest staff and this is one of them. Anyway here's a sneak peak at the photo Forest picked for her Bridal Portrait. I loved it so much I used it for my Yellow Page Ad.

In and Out of Shape

While I have been working hard at getting in shape my friend Mills Stover has been working hard at something else. Apparently Moe's Southwest Grill had a Nationwide Burrito eating contest and Mills entered. Well, after winning the local competition Mills went on to the area competition and then to Atlanta for the regional competition. His quest for the National Burrito Eating Championship unfortunately ended when he was disqualified for a technicality at Regionals. I'm sure his girlfriend wasn't too disappointed, and I'm sure his heart was probably begging for him to stop. So while Mills has been chomping on free Mexican for the last month I have been working out with DJ. I have lost 18lbs of pure fat and my body fat was reduced from 19 percent to 11 percent. My overall speed has been improved and my knee is almost 100%. I am eating a CLEAN diet and feel and look GREAT. Thanks to DJ. I'm ready for the VOLLEYBALL BIRTHDAY BASH!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Emily & Jarrad

Emily and Jarrad are getting married at Patriots Pointe in Charleston, SC and I can't wait. We had a great engagement shoot and somehow avoided the rain, and tried to stay cool. MUGGY weather is officially here, but that didn't stop this couple. Jarrad kept Emily laughing and acted natural in front of the camera. Some grooms tend to be nervous which is understandable. It's always the girls that usually get this paparazzi attention, starting at a very young age. Anyway, this was a great engagement shoot and thanks for the ride in the LandRover. I chose this song by Donavon Frankenreiter, he toured and surfs with Jack Johnson. Hope you like it. Click Here to view the slideshow.


Shutter is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has come to live and work with Imagine That Photography, Inc. and staff. The boys absolutely adore him. I had no idea that this puppy would have such a positive effect on the boys. They haven't touched an XBox controller and all efforts are concentrated on his every movement. Shutter has easily settled in, and gallops across the hardwood floors while I work. He's officially in training, but he's getting his own business cards. I'm sure interesting photos are to follow in the near future.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Forest & Jamie

Forest, ex-Middle school teacher and soon to be MUSC student, let her hair down and got Jamie ready for a day of paparazzi. Jamie and Forest wanted to do something different for their Engagement shoot, so I ran some ideas by Forest and Jamie, and scheduled something downtown. Shooting downtown on a Sunday gives me a little more freedom, and since it's less crowded usually my couple is less nervous. Anyway, Jamie was really timid, as most guys are in the beginning. BUT we added some spice to our recipe and came out with a finished product that a lot of people have complimented on. I'm glad to be diversified and to meet a range of clients needs. Click Here to view the slideshow.

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