Saturday, December 31, 2005


Last night I met up with a few of my buddies. From left to right they are: Brian, Britt, myself and Aaron. When Brian isn't acting at the Peace Center, you'll find him managing Yellow Page accounts for BellSouth - The Real Yellow Pages. Britt is an accomplished Medical Sales Rep, and a dedicated Football Coach. Some of you may know him from J.L. Mann Class of 1988. Then there's Aaron. Aaron started working for Imagine That Inc. after he graduated from Anderson College. He went on to get his Masters and is well on his way up the "Ladder of Success" in the corporate world. Aaron is constantly being referred to as my brother, and I must say over the years I agree. Not only is Aaron part Japanese like myself, he's an honest and trustworthy friend just as Brian and Britt are.

Eli, Britt's girlfriend, also hung out with the fellas last night. She tried out her photography skills with the shot above. Eli is an amazing woman and one that I hold in high regard. I am lucky to know all you guys and wish you all the best in 2006!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Greenville Chamber & BMW Performance Center

In conjunction with The Greenville Chamber and The BMW Performance Center, I was able to capture moments of an economically changing event for South Carolina but especially for Greenville and surrounding areas. Chamber CEO members were welcomed to the BMW 12.5 million dollar State-Of-The-Art Performance Center. Not only a driving school; the Performance Center is equipped with a skid pad, water walls, slolam course and the most professional instructors available. I personally took a "hot lap" - taking the passenger seat and allowing one of the driving instructors to attack the track! I recommend consulting your physician before experiencing this intense ride. The guest speaker was distinguished Cyclist George Hincapie. George is the only teammate of Lance Armstrong's to ride along side in each of the record-breaking seven Tour De France wins. Hincapie is also the only member of Team Lance to have won a Stage Race during the Tour De France other than Lance himself. George's story is inspirational and one of courage and determination. Congratulations to Lance, George and all the members of Team Lance for all their efforts in both cycling and in the many projects they support including The Lance Armstrong Foundation. They continuously prove the meaning of LIVESTRONG!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fred & Stacy

For years my best friend, dating back to childhood, Fred, believed a second chance at love would come his way. Thanks to Stacy his belief became a reality. A quiet and intimate ceremony held at Falls Park in Greenville, SC, united the couple. Though a limited amount of people attended, the photographs remain cherised by the newlyweds and their families and friends. There are an average of 2.2 million weddings per year but only half of those getting married hire a professional photographer. Regardless of your wedding budget or the amount of people attending your wedding, I urge everyone to capture the special event in photographs for historical purposes and so the next generation can see where it all began. You won't regret it. Just ask Fred & Stacy!

Friday, September 02, 2005

David Wilkins Farewell Party

It has been my honor and pleasure to know and work with David and Susan Wilkins. Their service to South Carolina will never be forgotten. As they leave us here in SC, I know both look forward to serving the needs of President George W. Bush as David Wilkins begins his new role as Ambassador to Canada. The farewell event was most impressive and yet bitter-sweet. Over a 1,000 people packed into the standing room only Poinsett Club to pay tribute to the past Speaker of the House. When Ambassador Wilkins took the podium, the attendees were so enthralled with his words you could have heard a pin drop. All ears were dedicated not only to the man we've come to recognize for so long as The Speaker of the House but also to a fellow South Carolinian, a dedicated member of the community and a friend to many. I captured this poignant moment and appropriately titled it - "Listeners of the House." I also favored the photo of the vocalist showing where Susan was peeping over David's shoulder. The unforgettable evening was filled with candid moments and was documented for future viewing.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Big Country Foundation

During the past couple of years Stephen Davis has continued to utilize the services of Imagine That, Inc. to document his charitable events. Stephen Davis, a Spartanburg native and a USA Today High School Player of the Year, went on to Auburn University and then to a career playing in the NFL. Full circle, Stephen Davis found himself traded by Steve Spurier and the Redskins to the Carolina Panthers. He immediately led the Panthers to the Super Bowl - finding a home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nicknamed "Big Country," Davis started a foundation dedicated to the fight against Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. It is appropriately called the Big Country Foundation and the primary mission is to dedicate the proper resources to research centers along with getting necessary prevention information and treatments to those in need. Stephen's mother was unfortunately stricken with Breast Cancer but is now a survivor. Therefore, Big Country Foundation is something that Stephen holds close to his heart. Please assist him and all those he is able to help by going to Posted is a photo of my 11 year old son, Jonah, when he met up with Rod Smart aka "He Hate Me" at a Bowling Charity Event and the other shot is of Stephen Davis with his High School Coach during one of his fund raising banquets.

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