Saturday, December 31, 2005


Last night I met up with a few of my buddies. From left to right they are: Brian, Britt, myself and Aaron. When Brian isn't acting at the Peace Center, you'll find him managing Yellow Page accounts for BellSouth - The Real Yellow Pages. Britt is an accomplished Medical Sales Rep, and a dedicated Football Coach. Some of you may know him from J.L. Mann Class of 1988. Then there's Aaron. Aaron started working for Imagine That Inc. after he graduated from Anderson College. He went on to get his Masters and is well on his way up the "Ladder of Success" in the corporate world. Aaron is constantly being referred to as my brother, and I must say over the years I agree. Not only is Aaron part Japanese like myself, he's an honest and trustworthy friend just as Brian and Britt are.

Eli, Britt's girlfriend, also hung out with the fellas last night. She tried out her photography skills with the shot above. Eli is an amazing woman and one that I hold in high regard. I am lucky to know all you guys and wish you all the best in 2006!


Fine-Bordeaux said...

Thanks Charles. That was a great night. Glad you brought your camera. Let's get together again soon.

Charles Bordner said...

Anytime Brian. You and Mills have fun downtown.

riko said...

I just want to say...

I love your blog !!

Thank you for let's me know this !

I'll check it this often .

cage said...


I came from riko's blog.

The slideshow of Livia and Austin moved me profoundly.

Fantastic,impressible shots!

You are the very picture of my friend ,kagoshima in Japan.

Thank you.

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