Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Greenville Chamber & BMW Performance Center

In conjunction with The Greenville Chamber and The BMW Performance Center, I was able to capture moments of an economically changing event for South Carolina but especially for Greenville and surrounding areas. Chamber CEO members were welcomed to the BMW 12.5 million dollar State-Of-The-Art Performance Center. Not only a driving school; the Performance Center is equipped with a skid pad, water walls, slolam course and the most professional instructors available. I personally took a "hot lap" - taking the passenger seat and allowing one of the driving instructors to attack the track! I recommend consulting your physician before experiencing this intense ride. The guest speaker was distinguished Cyclist George Hincapie. George is the only teammate of Lance Armstrong's to ride along side in each of the record-breaking seven Tour De France wins. Hincapie is also the only member of Team Lance to have won a Stage Race during the Tour De France other than Lance himself. George's story is inspirational and one of courage and determination. Congratulations to Lance, George and all the members of Team Lance for all their efforts in both cycling and in the many projects they support including The Lance Armstrong Foundation. They continuously prove the meaning of LIVESTRONG!

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