Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fred & Stacy

For years my best friend, dating back to childhood, Fred, believed a second chance at love would come his way. Thanks to Stacy his belief became a reality. A quiet and intimate ceremony held at Falls Park in Greenville, SC, united the couple. Though a limited amount of people attended, the photographs remain cherised by the newlyweds and their families and friends. There are an average of 2.2 million weddings per year but only half of those getting married hire a professional photographer. Regardless of your wedding budget or the amount of people attending your wedding, I urge everyone to capture the special event in photographs for historical purposes and so the next generation can see where it all began. You won't regret it. Just ask Fred & Stacy!


The Geralds*** said...

This being our second marriage we decided to keep our ceremony small and simple. Only our children and Charlie were present. We are so lucky to have finally found true love together and we wanted to commit our lives to each other in an intimate way. We knew from the start that Charlie could be the only one to take the photographs, after all he has been Freds best friend forever and his work is spectacular. We could never express our gratitude to him, we have the most wonderful day of our lives recorded through these pictures. Our emotions were so clearly depicted in each photograph, and Charlie truly captured our love through his camera.We would recommend his services to anyone, for any occasion, that is looking to create memories that will live on long after the event. Charlie, we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!

Charles Bordner said...

You guys rock!

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