Friday, September 02, 2005

David Wilkins Farewell Party

It has been my honor and pleasure to know and work with David and Susan Wilkins. Their service to South Carolina will never be forgotten. As they leave us here in SC, I know both look forward to serving the needs of President George W. Bush as David Wilkins begins his new role as Ambassador to Canada. The farewell event was most impressive and yet bitter-sweet. Over a 1,000 people packed into the standing room only Poinsett Club to pay tribute to the past Speaker of the House. When Ambassador Wilkins took the podium, the attendees were so enthralled with his words you could have heard a pin drop. All ears were dedicated not only to the man we've come to recognize for so long as The Speaker of the House but also to a fellow South Carolinian, a dedicated member of the community and a friend to many. I captured this poignant moment and appropriately titled it - "Listeners of the House." I also favored the photo of the vocalist showing where Susan was peeping over David's shoulder. The unforgettable evening was filled with candid moments and was documented for future viewing.

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