Friday, July 28, 2006

Forest & Jamie

Forest, ex-Middle school teacher and soon to be MUSC student, let her hair down and got Jamie ready for a day of paparazzi. Jamie and Forest wanted to do something different for their Engagement shoot, so I ran some ideas by Forest and Jamie, and scheduled something downtown. Shooting downtown on a Sunday gives me a little more freedom, and since it's less crowded usually my couple is less nervous. Anyway, Jamie was really timid, as most guys are in the beginning. BUT we added some spice to our recipe and came out with a finished product that a lot of people have complimented on. I'm glad to be diversified and to meet a range of clients needs. Click Here to view the slideshow.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nicole & Chet

Chet and Nicole were married on July 3rd on beautiful Sullivan's Island. I've had an amazing time with both Chet and Nicole. They are a great couple, and as I reminisce through the memories we've shared, I begin to smile. I was so glad when Nicole's dad chose me for this event. It meant alot and with Chet being in the military with 11 Bravo status, it meant much more. As I was driving to Charleston I was listening to Amos Lee, an amazing artist. His songs really embody the charm and majic of Charleston. I listened to "In The Arms of a Woman" and it goes well with Nicole and Chet. Some of the lyrics make me picture Chet out in the field counting the stars in a OD Green sleeping bag, or on a 12-mile road march thinking of Nicole for motivation. I usually try to use upbeat songs, but I think Chet will appreciate this one. I wish Nicole and Chet the best. Chet thanks for what you and your fellow soldiers are doing for our great country. I was very happy to see all your fellow soldiers having such a great time at the wedding and reception. You guys keep ROCKIN'!!!! Click Here to view the slideshow.

Marnie & James Wilkins

Marnie & James Wilkins received a warm welcome from friends and family at the Brick Street Cafe on Augusta Road. Everything looked so perfect from the establishment to the food and not to mention all the vivid colors. The southern charm of all the women and the cute outfits of summer lingered throughout the room.

There were so many expressions and I wanted to capture unobtrusively the laughter and emotion of the night. I was thrilled to meet with previous aquaintenances and to make new ones as well. Marnie and James are definitely headed down a promising path. Sounds like they have found positions at The Cliffs and at Furman, where they can utilize their passion for the enviroment and the outdoors. Good luck to them both. Thank you Susan and Ambassador Wilkins for allowing me another opportunity to use my talents towards this event. I had a great time and look forward to visiting everyone in Canada. Click Here to view the slideshow.

Sarai & Adam

Sarai and Adam are personal friends and they actually eloped. Because they didn't leave Greenville, Adam doesn't consider what they done eloping. So I pulled the Dictionary out and I quote. "Elope - run away secretly in order to get married, esp. without parental consent". So I hate to burst your bubble, but Adam you eloped. OK. Now that we have that settled; Stephanie Maddox another good friend hosted a reception party for them. I got some cool shots, even though we just roamed the subdivision looking for areas to photograph. Adam and Sarai were such a great couple to capture. They were wrapped up in each other and unaware of my presence. By far one of the most relaxed couples I've worked with. Thanks guys for everything especially the positive feedback. Wish you two the best and tell Sarai's mom Beverly I said hello.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Studio is contantly evolving. Because of our current growth, we have added some new toys and gadgets. First was the Apple G5 and i found a guy in NC wanting to sell his Apple 23" flat panel. After spending a day loading all the software inputing the 4GB of memory and an extra 400GB of hard drive space, we were ready to go. This computer is configured for one goal and that is to meet all of our clients needs. We also love the fact that our Cingular 8125 Mobile PC phone is now synced with our Entourage Contacts and Calendar. Who said Mac and PC's couldn't get along. We are answering emails with the phone when traveling and away from the studio. Dedicated and devoted.

Gretta & Michael

Gretta and Michael had a very small ceremony in Falls Park. When the couple called me inquiring my availability for a Thursday wedding rendezvous, I got really excited. After visiting my website Michael called me back and immediately talked about my style. Art is so subjective, and photography is more than just still moments. I try to add my artistic flare. I like to think I capture moments differently than the "studio photographers". Glad that clients see this and continue to hire me. Anyway Michael and Gretta you guys are awesome and I loved every minute spent with you and your family. No matter how big or small the event is it's the satisfaction of knowing your customers are impressed with your work. Thanks and good luck on building your new home.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kwame Jackson supports Henri Thompson

Everyone may know Kwame Jackson from Donald Trump's megahit The Apprentice, but everyone may not know who he supports. Henri Thompson is a Spartanburg native and is running for a seat in The House of Represenatives. This was a great night and I was very impressed not only with Henri, but with Kwame as well. Kwame's personal story of how education changed his family lives throughout the generatons was very inspiring.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cade's Surgery

Before leaving for Charleston, Cade had surgery. Cade had a bone growth, that wasn't cancer, on his left fibula. It was ablsolutely heartbreaking to watch Cade fall asleep as the medicine took effect. I was so relieved when the doctors gave us the good report, and Cade finally opened his eyes. He's wearing a leg brace for a couple of weeks and using a walker to get around. He's been a real trooper and very independent throughout this process. I have never questioned Cade's intelligence, but I didn't know of his outstanding character and integrity until the surgery. I'm honored to be his father and am so proud of him.


Charleston is my absolute favorite place in the world. I adore Charleston and all it's history and charm. Although work had to be done, I was able to spare some time for fun. I first met Roy Gray for a little golf. We played at the Naval Weapons station, and unfortunately no pictures were allowed. was so beautiful. We had a blast. I met with a groom as well for a May 2007 wedding, and also talked with Real Estate Developers about some aerial photography. Did I mention we also had a wedding that weekend on Sullivan's Island? BUSY! I frequently went to Folly Beach for Crab Legs, and Mahi Mahi. The Crab Shack is a great place to eat. I met some locals and some neighbors. Rumi and Tim Settle were down there as well from Greenville, and I was so glad to meet them. We even share the same hair stylist, Noriko at Artistic Cutters. Found out that Tim got "special treatment", so I'll be talking to Noriko about that!!! Here's a shot I was able to take heading down to Folly Beach.

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