Monday, July 24, 2006

Sarai & Adam

Sarai and Adam are personal friends and they actually eloped. Because they didn't leave Greenville, Adam doesn't consider what they done eloping. So I pulled the Dictionary out and I quote. "Elope - run away secretly in order to get married, esp. without parental consent". So I hate to burst your bubble, but Adam you eloped. OK. Now that we have that settled; Stephanie Maddox another good friend hosted a reception party for them. I got some cool shots, even though we just roamed the subdivision looking for areas to photograph. Adam and Sarai were such a great couple to capture. They were wrapped up in each other and unaware of my presence. By far one of the most relaxed couples I've worked with. Thanks guys for everything especially the positive feedback. Wish you two the best and tell Sarai's mom Beverly I said hello.

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