Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love in the Mountains

Conoly and Matt were married in the beautiful landscape of the Cliffs at Glassy. If you have never visited, there it is a stone chapel located at the peak of the mountain overlooking a gorgeous view. The photographs were absolutely amazing and I want to share them with everyone. Conoly is a student at the University of Texas and married Captain Matt Sullivan a graduate of West Point. This wedding was the perfect getaway! Driving up the mountain is so peaceful and even though you're only 20 minutes from Greenville you forget about the Big City. Click Here to view the slideshow.


Michelle said...

Beautiful photographs!

Davina said...

Cool shots, Charles.

I want to see NYC stuff! ;)

So fun hanging out with you!

Shan Renee said...

Hey Charles! Looking forward to some new stuff! Had a blast in NYC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah man! where's the NY STUFF!!
your slacking bro! lol Hope everything is well man. it was great meeting you in NYC! I hope you are keeping up with your prayers ;)

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