Thursday, November 09, 2006


Xtreme was such fun, and I was able to meet my favorite photographer Jessica Claire. She is such a neat person, and I am so inspired by her work. To learn photography from her and to look at my financials with Liana really equated a great time in New York. Not only did I get to learn from them, but 40 other photographers from around the globe as well. Anyway to make a great tie and long story short. Know that I had such a wonderful time meeting EVERYONE, and the dining was incredible. Mesa Grill is definetely a wonderful place to eat, and is owned by Bobby Flay. Followed by a little Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity and your taste buds will be dancing all the way home. Here are a few pics!!!


fred egan said...


Buddy! Thanks for stopping Behind the Camera-man, I had a great time getting to know you as times!! Especially with Davina-bro, that was so stinkin' hilarious.

"Davina, could you lead us in a word of prayer?" [everyone bows their head]...LOL!

So, are you going to DWF Vegas? If you are I'm in the market for a hotelmate...if your in shoot me a message.

tracy said...

Hey Charles!

It was awesome meeting you at xtreme! Love your work, especially that shot subway shot.

Please keep in touch!

Shyla said...

Sarah and Lando are the best arent they? I met them at a wedding I shot with Jessica Claire and they were just the funnest couple ever!!

Anonymous said...

It is time for some updates Charles!
I keep checking your blog for new stuff! :)

laurenclark said...

Hey thanks for the call today:). I left a message on the osp blog.

Anonymous said... almost made me cry... LOL

hope you are doing well!

Randy said...

Great web site. has a wonderful feel to it and expresses your work very well. Loved your web show also, just great work. Saw your name associated with DJ, so I checked you out.

Check my site someday...


Davina said...

Charles, you know I love that first shot of Sarah and Lando! NYC was too fun and you had my laughing so much of the time! I love that you are posting on your blog so much more!!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking photographer with simply fantastic photographs!!! Looking forward to checking back often.

Mike said...

Charles, sounds like you had a great time at Xtreme! It would have been nice to be able to go and hang out with all of you! Maybe Ill make one in the future - my seminar wish list is long!

Missed seeing you at Zack and Marks studio party, I thought maybe you were going to drive down. Hopefully we will meet up again soon. Hey, you have a bunch of great shots on the blog!!!

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